Learn about Kodezi!

Kodezi is an AI Development platform that provides features to maximize programming productivity.

Kodezi uses large parameter language models trained on a collection of natural and programming languages from various open-source places to;

  1. Debug your code automatically with details

  2. Optimize your code based on context.

  3. Convert code from one programming language to another.

  4. Generate Documentation for your code.

  5. Generate Code from Natural Language Instructions.

  6. Kodezi Chatbot the premier chatbot for programmers.


  • Installation - Kodezi Extension can be found in Visual Studio Code. Follow the steps to set up Kodezi Extension on your Visual Studio Code IDE. Learn more.

  • Features - Kodezi Extension Offers 7 different features with special characteristics - e.g. debugging/self-correcting, optimization, conversion, etc... Learn more.

  • Linters - A Linter analyzes source code to look for problems and highlights any problems which are found. Linters are used for the debugging functionality in Kodezi Extension. Each programming language uses a Linter which has been created to work with that specific programming language. Learn more.

  • Integrations- We support VS Code & Our Web version IDE. Learn More.

  • Language Support- Kodezi supports various languages. View the full list here.

Tool Guides
  • Debugging - It is a multi-step process that involves identifying a problem, isolating the source of the problem, and then correcting the problem or identifying a way around it. Learn more

  • Optimizing - Raises the efficiency and quality of the code. Code can be optimized in various ways - if there are ways to refactor the code so fewer lines of code are needed, if less memory can be used, if fewer input/output operations are required or if the program can run faster. Learn more

  • Converting - The automated conversion of algorithms from one programming language to another while preserving the source code's structure, variables, and comments. Learn more

  • Generate Documents - We provide 3 different features for document generation: Line-By-Line Commenting, Code Summary, and Docstring. Learn more

  • Generate Codes - AI-based and can generate complex code using carefully curated instructions or natural language pseudo-code. 30 different programming languages are supported. Learn more

  • Code Transformation - Transform your code with natural language instruction. Learn more

  • Kodezi Chatbot - The premier chatbot for programmers, designed to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience for developers. Learn more

Use Cases
  • Students - Kodezi Extension provides features for students which dramatically accelerate the pace of learning and help them become better programmers faster. Learn more

  • Developers -Kodezi Extension makes Developers much more efficient by automating time-consuming tasks like finding and fixing bugs, generating documentation, optimizing code, and converting code into a different programming language. Learn more

  • Teams - Kodezi also offers custom solutions and features for teams. Learn more

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