Generate Code

Learn Steps to use the Generate Code feature.

Our Code Generation feature supports a list of 30 languages and can generate complex code with the help of carefully curated instructions or natural language pseudo-code.

To efficiently generate code, your instructions should completely represent your intent. Try to explain step by step leaving in every minute detail - even names of variables if you can.

Step 1 :

Log in first with Google Authentication on Kodezi.

Step 2 :

After signing in successfully, click on Generate Code button.

Step 3 :

Once inside the Generate Code UI, write the instructions in the text area. Then select your programming language. Next click on the Generate button to start the process of generating code. An example set of instructions to try - "Write a program of the Fibonacci series."

Step 4 :

After clicking on generate button, the Generate Code process will start.

Step 5 :

You will see results similar to these in your IDE once the code-generating process is finished.

Step 6 :

Now you can simply click on the Apply button to create a separate folder, "GeneratedCode" and save the file with the name "GeneratedCode" and the current time in the same workspace as the original code.


Our AI is as good as the instructions which are input into the Code Generation UI section. If you can explain what you want efficiently we can generate it for you. This feature is for people who know what they want to do in programming but need help with syntax. Famous problems such as Fibonacci or Factorials will be generated without a lengthy example but lesser-known problems will need to be explained, algorithm-wise, so the AI can generate the code for them. Think of this as Natural Language to Code Generation.

A bad input;

A good input;

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