Pro Tier

Subscription details for Kodezi Pro

If you are ready to commit and want Kodezi as your AI programming partner, you just made the best choice.

We offer our Pro Tier to programmers who understand the value of time and productivity in a deadline-oriented workflow. With extended access to our features by increasing your credits per month, ML model tier, and less credit reduction.

With Pro credits, you will spend less and do more. The below table indicates the number of credits needed to be spent to use each feature.

Tool TypeCredit cost

Code Generation


Code Debugging (medium accuracy) (no language restriction)


Code Debugging (High Accuracy) with detailed explanations


Code Documentation


Code Conversion


Code Transformation


We are working on making our system more efficient so we can offer reduced prices.

Price of Credits:


8K credits

$ 6.99

$ 70

12K credits

$ 12.99

$ 130

25K credits

$ 24.99

$ 250

75K credits

$ 49.99

$ 480

80K credits

$ 79.99

$ 800

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