Learn how Kodezi uses Credits for usage.

Credits are allocated based on the tier of the user. Kodezi offers three different tiers: Free, Pro and Teams.

Free Version

The Free Version is a way to try out Kodezi before paying for using it. You will receive 50 credits upon sign up which will renew every month. The Free Version has some limitations, such as only access to basic machine learning models, it's available for 10 languages only, and each feature used consumes more credits than the other two tiers. For instance, in the Free Tier, the Code Generation feature will cost 2 credits while in the Pro Tier the Code Generation feature costs 1 credit. Learn more

Pro Version

Kodezi Pro starts from only $6.99 USD per month for 8,000 credits. Kodezi Pro allows users to have access to all supported programming languages and to use all available features without any restrictions. The use of every Kodezi feature in Kodezi Pro costs 1 credit per feature used. Kodezi Pro users also have access to a better ML model for each feature. Learn more


To access Kodezi Teams, please contact Kodezi Teams includes unlimited credits with 30+ supported languages. Kodezi Teams customers also have access to high-caliber AI models, Cloud Integrations, API access, and more.

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