Code Summary

Learn Steps to use Code Summary feature.

Our Code Summary feature works on 30 languages and intelligently adds an explanation as a multi-line or single-line comment as a prefix to the code file. You can observe your code and its explanation side by side and export it efficiently.

Step 1 :

Log in first with Google Authentication on Kodezi.

Step 2 :

After signing in successfully, click on Generate Documentation button.

Step 3 :

Inside the Generate Documentation UI select the Code Summary, then click on the Generate button.

Kodezi does not support extremely large sections of code, so you may have to select a block of code for Code Summary if guided to do so.

Step 4 :

After clicking on the Generate button, the document-generating process will start.

Step 5 :

You will see results similar to these in your IDE once the document-generating process is finished.

Step 6 :

Now You can simply click on the apply button for the result that will add to your original file.

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