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Kodezi Extension provides an intuitive user interface and straightforward functionality which enables users to get results immediately. Developers, Students - anyone writing code - can benefit from the features Kodezi Extension provides.


Debugging code is a time consuming and tedious process. Let Kodezi Extension take care of the debugging so you don't have to. Kodezi Extension uses AI to understand the context of your code and fix it accordingly. A linter is used to detect any logical or syntax issues and highlights them. You can correct each issue with a single click, line by line, or even word by word. More information can be found in the Feature Guide.

At this time, only five languages - Python, Java, JavaScript, C, and C++ - support the functionality for Error Highlight, Error Description, and Fix Errors by Line and by Word. We plan to provide this functionality for additional programming languages in the future. For the other programming languages we support, at this time, all identified problems get fixed simultaneously and not line by line.


Whenever possible Kodezi Extension will optimize your code by reducing the amount of code, and eliminating gaps and unneeded lines. Kodezi Extension will also try to improve your code by making it consume fewer resources (i.e. CPU, Memory) so that faster-running machine code will result. This functionality can be especially handy when you need to bundle the code. More information can be found in the Feature Guide.


Easily converting code from one language into another can be beneficial for any developer who works or studies in different languages. Kodezi Extension will analyze your code and then build a translation model to convert it into the desired language. Currently, 30 programming languages are supported. More information can be found in the Feature Guide.

Generate Documents:

Line By Line Commenting:

At the end of each line of code, Kodezi Extension can automatically comment on the purpose of the code - what that line of code is meant to do. This can be a huge time saver for anyone writing code - eliminating the need to write comments. For students, it can be helpful to understand exactly what each piece of code is doing-especially if the code is new and unfamiliar. More information can be found in the Feature Guide.

Code Summary:

Reads a section of code and identifies what the code is intended to do. At the beginning of the section of code, Kodezi Extension will then provide a multiple-line explanation of exactly what the code will be doing as it runs through and executes the various lines of code. More information can be found in the Feature Guide.


Identifies each block, including the children and parents, then Kodezi Extension will explain the code in accordance with the block. If the block is a parent, it will also explain the parents and any relevant facts regarding the children, after which it will explain in full. More information can be found in the Feature Guide.

Only Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, and C# are supported by the Docstring feature.

Generate Code:

Among all the Kodezi Extension features, this one is the most intriguing. Both students and developers can benefit from this feature. This feature can produce complex code in response to a user carefully inputting curated instructions or natural language pseudo-code. The quality of the generated code is dependent on the accuracy of the user's instructions. More information can be found in the Feature Guide.

Kodezi Chatbot:

the premier chatbot for programmers, designed to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience for developers. Our chatbot has been crafted with the latest cutting-edge technologies and advanced algorithms to provide the most efficient and effective solution for all your programming needs. Feature Guide.

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